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Our Residential Trip to Norfolk - February 2018

Day 1 - Wednesday 7th February 

All arrived safe and well and had our lunch in the lodge.

So far we've made soup on an open fire that we built, been trained as firefighters with the Home Guard and managed to get our team through a boing trapped net.  After eating our soup - Spitfire team were victorious in having their recipe sent to London. More building of sand bag walls, decoding of messages and learning about first aid meant we were more than ready for dinner of soup, sausage and chips followed by sponge with custard. We are about to have blackout training before going on a moonlit walk.

All are settled and are having great fun - albeit a little wet when making sandbags.

Miss Harmer


Day 2 - Thursday 8th February 

After a busy first day, most of the children were worn out and fast asleep by 10.30pm and are all now up and showered. We are waiting for breakfast of bacon, beans and toast before heading off to Cromer. There are rumours of a German Spy in the camp so we will be back to try to track him down this afternoon. We are all prepared for an exciting day!

Update from Cromer

This morning, we went to the pier at Cromer to see the lifeboat. It's been a bracing -3 today with wind chill taking it to -8. Good job we are all wrapped up well!

One group has just gone to climb 172 steps of the church tower to look out over Cromer. The rest are having a story from the major. Then we'll swap before having lunch. Everyone warm and happy and having a great time.

Spy hunt in the woods

They have had a great time searching for clues and presenting the evidence on the spies. The French Resistance have helped them out especially when they were ambushed! The children are having a great time as they develop team work and orienteering skills and using their WW2 knowledge. 
They are all well and looking forward to the evening activities. 


The children had a great time at the bowling alley! There were some strikes and high scorers too. Everyone displayed fine sportsmanship. They then went back to the lodge for hot chocolate and off to bed!

Day 3 - Friday 9th February 

Bags were all packed before breakfast and then off the to the Norfolk Broads to take a boat trip. We have all had a wonderful three days and have lots to tell everyone on our return to school. 

Many thanks to the school staff who took great care of us.