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Reception 2018-19


Welcome to the web page for Reception Class


Happy New Year! 

We all hope you had a fantastic holiday and have had some rest as well as excitement. 

This term the overarching topic is 'Our Wonderful World'. The overview for this is in the links below. We will be learning more about the world around us (the environment, seasons, weather, places) as well as more about the people within it (similarities and differences, our families, further development of friendships and social skills). 

Each week or two we will have a new story book to act as a stimulus for much of our learning. Before the holiday we enjoyed reading 'Sparks in the Sky', 'Mr Gumpy's motor car', 'Oi! Get off our train', 'The Jolly Postman', and 'The Jolly Christmas postman'. I will aim to update this web page with the current book titles should you want to ask about them at home. 

We look forward to more enjoyment, excitement and great learning over the next few months. 

 The Reception Team 


Our current book(s) are: 

11/2/19 'Charlie and Lola: Look after your planet' by Bridget Hurst/Lauren Child

4/2/19 'Personal Space Camp' by Julia Cook

28/1/19 onwards

'10 things I can do to help my world' by Melanie Walsh and 'I can save the earth' by Alison Inches

3/1/19 onwards

'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy, then 'The Magic School Bus - Lost in the Solar System' by Joanna Cole


Our Wonderful World topic coverage - Spring term

Real-life superheroes topic coverage - Autumn term