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St Francis Braintree

Ethos & Values

Following in the footsteps of St. Francis we love God, learning together as a community, using our hands, our heads and our hearts. 

 We have been exploring the virtues of St. Francis with the children and school community. In May 2017 the children made banners to illustrate these. They are now proudly displayed in the school hall for everyone to admire. 





 As a Catholic School, St. Francis is an educational community, where Christian
religious and moral values are the basis for all its activities.  The aims of the school are:

 ▪ To provide a curriculum based on Gospel values that is varied, challenging and inspiring and which enables every individual to fulfil their potential to the highest possible standard.

 ▪ To have a school with a clear sense of purpose and direction – with procedures being constantly subject to monitoring and evaluation to ensure a well-resourced, progressive environment.

 ▪ To create and maintain a happy, stimulating and productive working environment where the children can become independent and active learners.

 ▪ To strengthen the home, school and parish communities to enable the children to acquire the highest spiritual and moral values.

 ▪ We believe that our children will learn best
            - In a spirit of praise and encouragement
            - When we develop their independence
            - When we set high expectations

 ▪ We expect our children
            - To do their best
            - To be polite with high standards of behaviour
            - To think of others

 ▪ Our work with children requires us at all times to ensure
            - That every child is safe and secure.