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St Francis Braintree

Inspection Reports


Please click here to view our most recent Catholic School Inspectorate Report  (May 2023)

  • The school promotes an atmosphere of welcome where every person is valued as a unique gift from God and where everyone’s gifts and talents are recognised and celebrated.
  • Pupils behave exceptionally well; they are extremely respectful and appreciate all the school has to offer.
  • The school promotes exemplary partnerships between the school, the parish and the home which make a significant contribution to the spiritual and moral development of the pupils.
  • There is a tangible sense of community and inclusion, with parental engagement being a real strength.
  • Staff act as excellent role models in promoting the Catholic life of the school.


Please click here to view our most recent  Ofsted Inspection Report : (February 2019)

Good with Outstanding for Personal development, learning and assessment. 

Link to Ofsted Website

"Pupils love school and they love learning." "they were brimming with enthusiasm about their work."

"The high expectations teachers have of pupils result in good levels of challenge in the work pupils are given."

"The headteacher has established an effective team and a strong sense of purpose."

"the school is very clear on the purpose of its curriculum and that it should be both inclusive and provide pupils with a well rounded education."

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding." "Pupils conduct themselves exceptionally well around the school and in lessons."

"Children get a good start to their education in Reception."    "... children make good progress from their starting points."