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     Friends of St. Francis 2018


The St. Francis Fundraisers work together to raise funds for the school and provide a range of social events for children and parents during the year.

During the past year they have raised over £2500 through a range of activities.

The Movie nights are very popular with the children and also give them a time to socialise with their school friends. 

The big fundraiser for 2016 was the very popular Fun Day - with lots of stalls and attractions everyone had a good afternoon and raised a great deal for the school.

The Mother's Day and Father's Day gift rooms are very popular with the children - providing them with the opportunity to buy a secret gift and raise funds.

How the money is spent ...

Annually, the classes all have £300 to use towards their school trip costs or for a visitor to school.

We have also invested over £1200 on school play equipment - providing extra games and toys for break and lunch play-times.