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     Friends of St. Francis 2022


The St. Francis Fundraisers work together to raise funds for the school and provide a range of social events for children and parents during the year.

The Movie nights are very popular with the children and also give them a time to socialise with their school friends. 

The big fundraiser planned for the Summer term 2022 is the very popular Fun Day - with lots of stalls and attractions everyone is invited to the good afternoon and support fund raising for the school. 

The Mother's Day and Father's Day gift rooms are very popular with the children - providing them with the opportunity to buy a secret gift and raise funds.

How the money has been spent in previous years ...

Annually, the classes all have £300 to use towards their school trip costs or for a visitor to school.

We have also invested over £1200 on school play equipment - providing extra games and toys for break and lunch play-times.