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Geography provokes and answers questions about the natural and human worlds, using different scales of enquiry to view them from different perspectives. It develops knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, an understanding of maps, and a range of investigative and problem-solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. As such, it prepares pupils for adult life and employment.

Geography is a focus within the curriculum for understanding and resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development. It is also an important link between the natural and social sciences.

As pupils study geography, they encounter different societies and cultures. This helps them realise how nations rely on each other. It can inspire them to think about their own place in the world, their values, and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment.

Our Geography Intent

  • To design a geography curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum Geography Programmes of study.
  • To build a Geography curriculum that develops pupils’ learning through enquiry, research and learning of the world around them and results in the acquisition of geographical knowledge and skills.
  • To be current in their understanding of changes in their immediate environment as well as the wider world.

Teaching and learning facilitates progression across all key stages within the Geography curriculum with pupils gaining knowledge about places and people, the environment, physical and human processes and the formation and use of landscapes. The curriculum allows pupils to develop geographical skills: collecting and analysing data; using maps, globes, aerial photographs and digital mapping to name and identify countries, continents and oceans and communicating information in a variety of ways. Pupils continue to learn key subject specific vocabulary during their lessons in order to access geographical sources and texts effectively and debate with precision and accuracy. Where appropriate, pupils experience outdoor geography through fieldwork and educational visits.

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