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St Francis Braintree

Modern Foreign Languages (French)

Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) program at St Francis Catholic Primary! Our school believes in the importance of learning a second language from a young age to broaden horizons and enhance cultural understanding.

Through engaging lessons and activities, our dedicated teachers strive to make language learning fun and accessible for all primary age children. We aim to instil a love for languages and inspire a lifelong passion for exploring different cultures.

At St Francis Catholic Primary, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education that includes MFL as an integral part of our curriculum. We invite parents to support their children in their language learning journey and encourage them to embrace the opportunities that come with being bilingual or multilingual.

Our Modern Foreign Languages Intent

The intent of the French curriculum at our primary school is to instill in our pupils a love for language learning and to provide them with a solid foundation in French vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding. Our aim is to develop their confidence and competence in communicating in French, as well as to foster a curiosity and respect for the French-speaking world.

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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


french intent implementation and impact 2024.pdf